Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability Assessment

I.T departments had to adopt new technology to assist in the financial bottom line of the business. These days business will stop to operate if these technologies fail.

These new technologies have also introduced new vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to the corporate data.

Let me explain how G.T.S.P can assist in securing these technologies

Voice over I.P

VOIP is most probably the biggest cost saving in any business when it comes to voice calls. And it is equally important to have a stable VOIP platform that cannot be interrupted.

Once a VOIP network is disrupted the business will know of it immediately. Your call center will cease to operate.

Hackers can/will use this technology to gain access to voice recordings, record active conversations or to perform a denial of service attack on this voice network.

G.T.S.P will ensure that all voice communications and voice recordings are secure and encrypted, and that confidential voice information stay where it need to be, secure within your network.

Wireless Communications

So your office is now wireless, no more messy wires. Good! But remember this.

When you had the network cable, you were ensured that the communication stayed within the limits of the cable, and that was between your computer and the network switch.

With wireless you broadcast your signal to all your neighbors. And these signals can be intercepted and decrypted. And once decrypted you will not know that a untrusted person is intercepting your communications.

G.T.S.P has the expertise that is required to secure a wireless network and it’s communications.

Mobile Devices.

These days, everybody owns a mobile device. If it is in the form of a mobile phone / Tablet / Ipad… and all of these devices have various ways to communicate to the internet.

A common mistake that uses make is to say that the mobile devices are not vulnerable to security exploits or viruses. WRONG!.

To start, majority of devices have WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi will enable you to connect to the web and browse the web. Your device seldom has a firewall or antivirus installed. Therefore making your device a nice bot-net, if compromised.

G.T.S.P has the expertise to assist you and ensure that no un-athorised access to gained to your mobile devices.

Corporate Servers/ Intranet Servers or web based systems

All of these systems have 1 common goal, and that is to serve the clients that access them. These access often inherit security flaws by the developers.

It is extremly important to know where the vulnerabilities are and how to fix them.

G.T.S.P will be able to show you where your vulnerabilities are, and also assist you to mitigate them.

We also have a very good I.T security course where we teach students on vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them