Intrusion Prevention


Intrusion Prevention System and Web Application Firewall

Corporations need to understand that their data is a valuable commodity, Hackers always look for sensitive and confidential data that can be used to their advantage on the black market. Your Firewall in not enough anymore.

G.T.S.P understand this all to well, and that is why we use and sell the IBM ISS IPS. The IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System solutions are designed to stop Internet threats before they impact your business. Preemptive protection—protection that works ahead of the threat—is available from IBM through its proprietary combination of line-speed performance, security intelligence and a modular protection engine that enables security convergence. By consolidating network demands for data security and protection for web applications, IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System solutions serve as security platforms that can reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing point solutions.

When evaluating intrusion prevention technology, organizations often struggle to balance and optimize the following six key areas: performance, security, reliability, deployment, management and confidence.

Intrusion Prevention systems perform deep packet inspection to analyse each of the packets that passes trough them for malicious content. When these traffic is detected your IPS should block this kind of traffic automatically.

G.T.S.P provide 2 types of IPS systems, Network Based (NIPS) and Host Based (HIPS). Both of these devices could also be “Virtualised” is required

Network Based (NIPS)

This is a hardware appliance (or Virtual) that consist of a array of segmented ports, that could inspect between 1 and 4 segments of your network traffic simultaneously. These devices will inspect the traffic as it moves through the network.

Host Based IPS (HIPS)

Many organisations think that their antivirus will protect the endpoint when it comes to hacking attacked. Currently there are many different ways bypass a Antivirus. It is imperative that a HIPS system be installed on your important devices in the organisation. These software will detect and alert the administrator in the event of a internal attack on a server.

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